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The photo should fullfill following requirements:

  1. You should provide recent and clear photo.
  2. Maximum file size is 2MB.

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The CV should cover the following aspects of the applicant:

  1. Have demonstrated leadership skills, vision, and the capacity to inspire others.
  2. Have excellent linguistic and communication capabilities, perfect command of English language, and a demonstrated capacity to work as an effective leader with both Arab and African communities.
  3. Have proven international cooperation capabilities and record, especially in fields related to education, research and scientific agreements and financing programs.
  4. Proven academic and administrative experience, in order to direct the academic work and the general administration of the University, as well as to accomplish the University’s stated objective, to promote the advancement of learning.
  5. High academic qualifications and an excellent professional reputation.
  6. Administrative skills, as evidenced by experience in senior positions, preferably in an educational or research setting.
  7. Appropriate knowledge of the University working environment.
  8. Ability to effectively represent the University and strengthen its role with public bodies, the private sector and wider communities, including the ability to develop strategic relationships.
  9. Maximum file size is 8MB.

Personal Statement *

  1. The applicant should provide a personal statement supporting his application to the position.
  2. The applicant should provide documentation and supporting evidence for his / her abilities including: the distinguished international publication record (Both quantity and quantity), that shows scientific cooperation in his specialty and scientific domain - Providing evidences for his/her activities to provide opportunities for his/her colleagues and students to develop and improve – His/her leadership record as a principal investigator for research projects and capacity building projects, funded by international and local bodies - Provide supporting reference letters from prominent academics from different countries – Record of the progressive academic positions he/she hold at his original university - Provide a record of achievements in each position.
  3. Maximum file size is 8MB.