Vision and Mission


To be locally and internationally outstanding in education, scientific research and community service in the light of international standards; contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development within the framework of community values for a better life and competitive capabilities at the regional and global levels; and to have students who will become future leaders capable of bringing about tangible change for themselves, their countries and their regional and international environment and have the ability of lifelong learning.


New Mansoura University aims to be a smart university that provides outstanding educational programs that contribute to the preparation of graduates who are professionally and humanly qualified; capable of keeping pace with the scientific and technological changes and achieving competitiveness in the regional and global labor markets in accordance with the comprehensive quality standards; and committed to professional values and ethics. The university is committed to the application of the latest teaching and learning strategies and the provision of physical and human resources and administrative flexibility needed for the development of educational programs and establishment of research centers and think tanks to achieve sustainable institutional growth and encourage applied scientific research arising from the needs of the society.