Strategic Objectives

  • To provide developed quality scientific programs that meet the needs of the society in compliance with the national and international reference standards to meet the needs of the labor market at the national and global levels; and to provide students with the knowledge, qualifications and skills that enable them to pursue their studies in the light of national and international standards of quality and accreditation.
  • To prepare outstanding cadres and develop the skills of using modern technological means and perform community participation in solving the problems of the regional and international societies.
  • Inclusiveness in the performance of the university’s educational, research and community roles to be managed by a smart electronic system to maximize the efficiency of the functional structure of the faculty staff, auxiliary body and the administrative system and the integration of students in the work system.
  • Ensuring the fruitful relationship between the University and its alumni, and between them and the community parties and business companies.
  • Encouraging students, faculty members and their assistants to carry out applied scientific research that contributes to the development of the environment and meeting the needs of the community.
  • Raising the processes of innovation, modernization and creativity in the fields of teaching, research and student activities, and attracting funding sources through the marketing of applied scientific research.
  • Developing the skills of the faculty members and their assistants to carry out their educational, research and community tasks through specialized training.
  • Creating the appropriate academic environment for the development of scientific research and innovation to serve the local community and contribute to the global level.
  • Providing the advanced smart infrastructure required for research and increasing the areas of excellence, and providing intelligent electronic management to provide administrative services efficiently and with high quality.
  • Establishing international relations that attract outstanding students of different nationalities and preparing them well to be outstanding in their fields of specialization, leaders and producers in their communities.
  • Forming strategic partnerships with the local community and outstanding international universities, including the industrial bodies, and providing scientific and consultancy solutions to the various social problems through conducting applied research to meet the needs of society.
  • Supporting extracurricular activities to build an outstanding student personality, paying attention to the development of students' skills and preparing them to become pioneers in their professional lives, and working to increase their competitiveness in the labor market locally and regionally.
  • Providing scientific advice and solutions to the various problems of society through conducting applied research, in the partnership with the community institutions and the outstanding international universities.