Ruling Values

  • Achieving excellence by adhering to international standards in the design and implementation of high-quality programs.
  • Fostering creativity and encouraging innovation.
  • Applying laws and regulations without discrimination and ensuring the rights of all to take advantage of the available opportunities.
  • Interact with community problems and integration with local and international institutions to link education with work.
  • Developing personal skills and emphasizing the value of lifelong learning.
  • Respecting local values and traditions and preserving national heritage.
  • Adapting the scientific potential to meet the challenges facing the local community.
  • Commitment to ethical responsibility, integrity and transparency to enhance trust and credibility.
  • Adherence to international educational and scientific standards in the fields of education, research and services.
  • Achieving a good scientific and research reputation and leadership at the local, national and global level.
  • Cooperating with research centers and corresponding universities that are locally and internationally outstanding.
  • Complying with scientific ethics and the quality of performance and commitment to the ethics of the profession.