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Vacancy Announcement for All Positions

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Within the framework of the efforts of Egypt in advancing the development of the higher education system, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research has established a number of fourth-generation universities in line with the international standards. The Ministry of Higher Education announces the vacancy opening for posts at the four universities, as follows:

First: University Leaderships

To select prominent scientists with experience on both scientific and administrative positions to occupy the positions of:

  1. President of the University
  2. Vice President for Academic Affairs
  3. Vice President for International Affairs
  4. Vice President for Research
  5. Secretary General

Second: Academic Staff

Faculty members (Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor) in diffrenet specializations are needed in all majors in the university faculties. The applicant must be currently employed at a university (in Egypt or abroad).

Third: Assistants Staff

Teaching assistants and supervisors of specialized laboratories. Holders of a Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree in the appropriate specialization according to what is mentioned in the university sites for each job.

Fourth: Information Technology Specialists

Holders of a Bachelor of Science, or Master of Science degree in Information Technology related specialization.

Fifth: Adminsitration Staff

Employees for all administrative and technical sites. Holders of a Bachelor of Science, or a Bachelor of Arts degree. Previous experience is a plus to serve in admission, registration, secretarial and financial affairs departments.

Important .. 

Due to their special nature, these Universities will offer an integrated package of benefits to attract the best academic figures in accordance with international standards. 
Those who feel they have the ability to assume any of the above mentioned are encouraged to apply via the website of the university to which they wish to apply.

Expression of interest, Applications and all nominations shall be strictly confidential, and should be submitted via the stated website. There is no other means of Application.

Application Submission is Closed