Program Description

All education and development institutions around the world are interested in preparing a professional accountant who represents the organization's mind and memory, armed with the latest technology of the times in data processing and cloud computing techniques.

Not only do we offer academic courses in accordance with the highest academic quality standards, but we ensure that the graduate of the accounting program is armed with the most important professional certificates in the world.

Job Opportunities

Through a range of modern and advanced courses, the graduate is distinguishably qualified to accomplish the following responsibilities, tasks and functions:

Accountant - Internal Auditor - Cost Accountant - Financial Accountant: Can work in all types of companies such as money companies (joint stock - recommendation of shares - limited liability) - companies of persons (solidarity - simple recommendation) - international multinational companies - holding and subsidiary companies, non-profit organizations and individual enterprises ...... And so on. -  Administrative Accountant: Can work in the departments of different companies at the three levels (upper, middle and executive) - government accountant: he can work in all units of the government apparatus in the country. - Tax specialist    - bank accountant: can work in all types of banks, insurance companies and financial institutions. -  External references: Can work with the Central Auditing Authority and audit offices.