Education System

Application General Conditions

In general, the Credit Hour system applies to all programs, except for Medicine Programs, which depends on the integrated program. In the Programs Preparation Terms of Reference, there will be a link between the three systems (Semester-Based, Credit Hour, European Credit Transfer Systems), and the program design will be based on the Student Workload (SWL).

Study Regulations based on Credit Hour System

Article (1): Programs’ System

Article (2): Study Levels

Student status Study level
freshman 0
Sophomore 1
Junior 2
Senior-1 3
Senior-2 4

Article (3): Academic Semesters & Course Registration

The academic year comprises two main semesters, and one summer semester:

Article (4): Program Study Duration (Depends on each Program)

Article (5): Terms of Course Registration

Article (6): Degree Awarding Requirements

Article (7): Field Training (if applicable)

Article (8): Adding and Dropping a course

Article (9): Withdrawal from a course

Article (10): Incomplete course