Dean's Speech

Proceeding from the prominent role of computer technologies and artificial intelligence in the modern era and the tremendous technological revolution witnessed in this field during the past few years, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering is performing its role in preparing qualified and trained human cadres to meet the needs of the competitive local, regional and international labor market in the field of computer science and engineering by providing distinguished academic and professional programs, encouraging innovation, creativity and applied scientific research, meeting the needs of society, linking with industry, developing students’ scientific and technical skills, participating and competing with students in international competitions, and finally establishing partnerships with international universities to provide joint scientific programs.

Within this framework, the faculty and its advanced capabilities and distinguished human cadres of faculty members and teaching assistants offer five academic programs to award a bachelor’s degree in the following specializations:

  • Computer engineering
  • Artificial intelligence engineering
  • Computer science
  • Artificial intelligence science
  • Biomedical informatics


Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Fathy Moawad

Dean of the Computer Science and Engineering