General Description 

  • The Faculty of International Legal Transactions offers one undergraduate educational program and several outstanding postgraduate programs covering several interdisciplinary studies, such as law and technology, sports law, health law, etc.

Job Opportunities

  • Different judicial bodies.
  • Law firms.
  • Diplomatic and consular offices.
  • Legal departments in various ministries, agencies and companies.
  • International and regional organizations.
  • Civil society institutions.

Aspects of Excellence in the Programs

  • An outstanding educational program that is implemented in new legal education methods that are in line with the technological developments and local, regional and global changes, and are related to the requirements and needs of the labor market. It includes curricula that are practically applicable. The Program helps to strengthen the bridges of communication with the community and develop the local, regional and international partnerships. The Program meets the educational quality standards and academic accreditation by creating an environment conducive to education and scientific research, including infrastructure, organizational, administrative, service and information structures, and instilling ethical values ​​as integral parts of legal education