dear sons and daughters; the new students enrolled in study in the Faculty of Pharmacy, New Mansoura University, Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program, I would like to welcome you in our Faculty. The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D –Clinical Pharmacy) has been designed in accordance to Egypt’s vision in constructing smart, 4th generation Universities and to come up with novel distinguished academic programs which apply the quality standards in all the facets of the educational and the research processes in such a way to prepare graduates in a highly specialized, up to date framework to fulfil the needs of the labour market at local, regional and international levels.

A group of distinguished staff members who have been awarded international and local awards participate in teaching to the Program’s students. The faculty is characterized by the existence of regional and international partnerships with highly prestigious international universities which enable the student to complete a part of his study and to perform a part of the clinical training abroad in such a way to open new horizons for employment according to the constantly changing dynamic needs of the labour market.

Perhaps the rapid development that the world is witnessing in the field of pharmaceutical education and the multiplicity of the development activities related to the drug industry and the patient, makes it imperative for us to keep pace with this rapid progress to meet the changing needs of society, through the application of international standard references in all areas of pharmaceutical education and health care and through the participation with the medical team in providing health care to the fullest for the patient and providing pharmacy services in a professional manner.

The study is based on modern and smart technologies, applying case studies and modern international learning methods and methods of self-learning, interactive and cooperative learning in order to provide the student with the professional and clinical practical skills with complete adherence to the professional ethics and teamwork ethics promotion.

Our main goal is to prepare and qualify a generation of young pharmacists who are creative and innovative in the various fields of drug industry and health care, and to raise the efficiency of the therapeutic system either locally or internationally. Our graduate should be able to establish their priority in the labour market. These graduates are not required only to dispense, market medicine, work in private pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies, but are also required to apply clinical pharmacy principals and practice pharmacy in public hospitals, participate in the design and review of therapeutic protocols, work in drug information centres, forensic medicine, combat addiction and poisoning, and participate in drug research and pharmaceutical scientific consultations for employees In the medical field, to offer a distinguished health service for the Egyptian patient, in order to achieve a higher goal, which is to preserve the health of future generations of Egyptians.

The profession of pharmacy, to which I am proud to belong to, is one of the most prestigious and noble professions. This profession aims primarily to serve the community and to provide it with distinctive services. Indeed, how beautiful is it for a person to work to benefit others. How beautiful is it for a person to be among the best of people, because “the best of people are the most beneficial to people.

I ask ÄLLAH, the All-Mighty, success to all our faculty students through fruitful and continuous cooperation with the faculty administration and the faculty members.

Always maintain five things, which are: mastery of work - cooperation - love for others - fear of ALLAH - and love of what you do in order to do what you love.

 Prof. Dr. Nahed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz El-Enany

Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy