Program Manager
Prof. Eman Said Abd-Elkhalek

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) Program

Program Description

  • The Faculty of Pharmacy, New Mansoura University, offers Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D – Clinical Pharmacy)  program (credit hour system), A group of highly distinguished staff members who have been awarded international and local awards are selected to participate in the teaching and academic processes in the 
  • The faculty offers distinguished scientific programs, regional and international partnerships with reputable international universities whiich enables the student to complete a part of the study and perform a part of the clinical training abroad, thus, opening new horizons for employment according to the needs of the new labour market.
  • The program is committed to applying international quality standards in all fields of pharmacy education and health care by partnering with the medical team in providing health care to the fullest for the patient and providing pharmaceutical services in a professional manner.
  • The study is based on the use of modern technologies in education using case studies, application of modern international learning methods; self, interactive and cooperative learning in order to provide the student with professional and clinical practical skills, with adherence to the professional ethics and the development of the teamwork spirits. Skills labs are implemented as well to enable students to perform simulated training during the study period alongside the clinical training in university hospitals.

Advantages of the Program

Doctor of Pharmacy Program (Pharm D –Clinical Pharmacy) qualifies the pharmacist to effectively participate in the medical team to ensure the optimum and the effective use of the medications and the program qualifies a new generation of the pharmacists to:

  • Commitment to professional ethics and respect for patient rights.
  • Understand and dispense the prescriptions that were prescribed to the patient and explain the information related to them (drug doses, drug interactions, side effects).
  • Dealing with the patient and diagnosing some diseases and finding the necessary treatment for them according to the pharmacopoeia and the World Health Organization and as stipulated in the ethics of medical professions.
  • Having a strong and distinguished scientific structure in the fields of basic, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences.
  • Conducting the necessary pharmaceutical experiments and calculations and preparing pharmaceutical recipes.
  • Establishment and management of private pharmaceutical projects which can be a private pharmacy, drug warehouse or the establishment of world-class pharmaceutical factories.
  • Having sufficient scientific knowledge and practical experience in all pharmacy disciplines and topics to enable him to complete his educational career in any discipline he desires at prestigious international universities.
  • Practicing the profession in various medical fields such as oncology, nephrology, urology, pediatrics and critical care ........etc.

Job Opportunities

  • Health care
  • Hospital pharmacies
  • Total parenteral nutrition Preparation Units
  • Preparation of Chemotherapy solutions for oncology patients
  • Drug and Poison information centers
  • Medical surveillance and Pharmacovigilance centers and units
  • Public pharmacies
  • Pharmacological clinical Trials
  • Forensic medicine and anti-addiction and poisoning contro
  • Pharmaceutical Education and scientific research
  • Pharmacoeconomic studies
  • Medical management, registration and drug control