Welcome my sons and daughters, college students, and the college staff and I are committed to doing our best to make our graduates distinguished with professional talent, administrative creativity, and practical intelligence.


Prof. Abdelkader Mubark

Dean of the College of Business





The Faculty of Business strives to be a leading institution that graduates qualified leaders in various fields of business in the knowledge economy and dynamic business environment to help successful implementation of the sustainable development plans.



To provide a distinguished academic environment for developing professionals and leaders in various fields of business through quality and advanced educational programs, creating opportunities for continued learning, encouraging creativity, innovation and scientific research, and building effective partnerships at the local and international levels that contribute to the development of the society and solving social problems.

Strategic Objectives


  • Quality teaching and learning through an attractive educational environment in different domains of business through:
    • Admission of outstanding students in programs offered by the Faculty.
    • Support of academic programs and effective teaching and learning practices that are consistent with national and international academic standards and meet the labor market needs.
    • Development of technical infrastructure to enhance learning, scientific research, innovation and creativity.
    • Quality assurance of learning resources.
    • Development of International relations to acquire best practices and learning resources, and to link knowledge and learning with the ability to discover and share new ideas.
    • Working closely with educational institutions, the industry and government agencies to accelerate development and transform it into the advanced knowledge economy.
    • Continuous development and improvement of educational programs to meet the needs of economic and social development.
    • Development of skills and knowledge of both students and faculty members within the context of knowledge economy.
    1. Enhancement of scientific research in the fields of knowledge economy for business through:
    • Improvement of scientific research quality.
      Dissemination of the culture of scientific research among students and faculty members.
    • To instill and encourage ethical practices in education and scientific research in the Faculty.
    1. Partnerships with professional and industrial organizations to develop programs, provide training opportunities for students, and jobs for graduates through:
    • Partnering with leading business organizations, and peer faculties at other universities to promote learning, collaborative training and community participation.
    • Establishment of Alumni Association.
    • To activate the role of the faculty in community services.
    • Strengthening the academic reputation of the faculty as a home of expertise in the fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, amongst different fields of business.
    • Obtaining academic accreditation at the national and international levels. 

Business Field

  • The main objective of the academic programs offered by the Faculty of Business at New Mansoura University is to create a new generation of business leaders, well equipped with knowledge, skills, integrity, a sense of social responsibility, and individual competences needed to attain successful outcomes in today's business world.
  • Programs were designed to provide students with a fundamental knowledge of Management, Accounting, and Information Systems with a broad understanding of business organizations in today's knowledge economy. Successful completion of the curriculum prepares students to perform a wide range of tasks and duties and to demonstrate leadership abilities, as well as technological and intellectual skills.

  • Academic programs and disciplines are contemporary, linked to the labor market, and based on global references.
  • Central computer labs made available by the university for learning and training students on information systems and technology.
  • Outstanding quality of students with a genuine desire and ability to establish linkage between business functions and information systems in the contemporary information environment, and rapid developments in both the local and global economic environments.
  • Advanced teaching and learning systems based on benchmarks, in line with contemporary global trends.
  • Solid relationship with the beneficiaries during and after the study.
  • Teaching staff equipped with knowledge and practical experience.
  • An institutional framework and management system that achieves continued excellence.
  • Partnership/Twinning with peer international academic institutions.

  1. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program
  2. Management Program
  3. Finance & Investment Program
  4. Accounting & Information Systems Program
  5. Marketing Program
  6. Logistics & Supply Chain Management Program
  7. Economics & Political Sciences Program

Graduates will be prepared for employment opportunities in public and private organizations, banks and financial institutions, service facilities, and large to small industrial organizations. Job opportunities include:

  • Professional accountant - Internal auditor - Cost accountant - Financial analyst - Bankers
  •  Insurance and risk management specialist
  •  Marketing specialist
  • Supply chain specialist
  • Human resource specialist
  • System analysis and design specialist
  • Programmer/ Database designer
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP) specialist
  • Entrepreneur  
  • Economic / political analyst in press organizations - Economic analyst in Stock Markets – Diplomats - Economist / Political Researcher in Research Centers and Think Tanks.


Faculty of Business programs

Description & Advantages of the Program

  • This program comes in response to the community’s needs of specialized competencies in the fields of professional self-employment capable of developing it, solving its problems, and interacting with its issues, by providing opportunities in the areas of knowledge, skills and scientific research, using the latest educational means to provide creative knowledge, research and professional services in an effective community partnership. .
    New Mansoura University is almost the only Egyptian university to offer this program as required by international standards in ranked universities, relying on a group of distinguished experiences in these areas at the local and global levels.

Job Opportunities

Through a range of modern and advanced courses, the graduate will be distinctly qualified to accomplish the following responsibilities and tasks:

    • Developing strategic plans and business models
    • Apply various competencies related to institutional functions (marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, logistics and supply chains)
    • Facing challenges, and solving complex problems in front of small and medium organizations.
    • Developing training programs within the organization for the purposes of professional and behavioral development of individuals within the framework of effective communication, leadership, and teamwork ....
    • Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of data and dealing with numbers.
    • Evaluating evidence and reaching effective solutions to the problems of small and medium organizations.
    • Apply the best professional practices for entrepreneurship.

Description & Advantages of the Program

This program stems from a basic conviction in the philosophy of New Mansoura University, which is that management is the language of life, and that it is the locomotive that leads development processes in its various dimensions.
This program comes to develop the spirit of excellence and initiative among the students to ensure graduates with a professional level in line with the requirements of business organizations in light of the prevailing spirit of competition and competition.

Job Opportunities

Through a range of modern and advanced courses, the graduate will be distinctly qualified to fulfill the following responsibilities, tasks and functions:
Apply different competencies related to institutional functions
1- Logistics Supervisor and Inspector
2- Researcher and Logistics Specialist
3- Purchasing Researcher
4- Purchasing Specialist
5- Procurement Controller
6- Bid references
7- Researcher and Tender Specialist
8- Property and real estate values estimator
9- Sales Specialist
10- Researcher and sales and marketing specialist
11- Trade Monitor
12- Researcher and trade specialist
13- Inspector of hotels and tourist facilities

Description & Advantages of the Program

This program reflects the extreme importance that modern academic programs have to keep pace with the most important developments taking place in industries and financial and financial institutions.

Job Opportunities

Through a set of modern and advanced courses, the graduate will be distinctly qualified to fulfill the following responsibilities, tasks and functions:
o financial analysts
o Credit Analyst
o Financial Management Specialist
o financial planner
o Risk Analysis and Management Specialist
o Financial Analysis Specialist

Description & Advantages of the Program

All educational and development institutions in the whole world are interested in preparing a professional accountant who represents the mind and memory of the organization, armed with the latest technologies of the age in data processing and cloud computing technologies.

The program is not limited to providing academic courses according to the highest standards of academic quality, but we are keen in the college that the graduate of the accounting program is armed with the most important professional accounting certificates in the whole world.


Job Opportunities

Through a range of modern and advanced courses, the graduate will be distinctly qualified to fulfill the following responsibilities, tasks and functions:
Accountant - Internal Auditor - Cost Accountant - Financial Accountant: He can work in all types of companies such as money companies (shareholding - limited liability shares - limited liability) - partnership companies (solidarity - limited partnership) - international multinational companies - holding companies and subsidiaries, and bodies Non-Profit and Sole Proprietorships…etc. - Administrative accountant: he can work in the departments of different companies at their three levels (senior, middle and executive) - Governmental accountant: he can work in all units of the government apparatus in the country. Tax Specialist - Bank Accountant: He can work in all types of banks, insurance companies and financial institutions. - External auditor: he can work in the Central Auditing Organization and audit offices.

Description & Advantages of the Program

The world in the current era is witnessing rapid radical developments in a world in which material and moral products flow from where they are produced to where they are consumed in light of many phenomena, most notably globalization, with its fierce and deadly competition, which forces today’s organization to be able to build its effective competitiveness within the framework of One of the best marketing initiatives.
Therefore, the college was interested in building and presenting its marketing program to present to the local, regional and global community a graduate who combines competence, creativity and initiative in the various fields of marketing.

Job Opportunities

Through a range of modern and advanced courses, the graduate will be distinctly qualified to fulfill the following responsibilities, tasks and functions:

1) Email Marketing Specialist
2) Marketing Researcher
3) Sales Specialist
4) Advertising Specialist
5) Public Relations Specialist
6) Customer Relationship Specialist
7) Business Development Specialist
8) Customer Behavior Specialist
9) Direct Marketing Specialist
10) Pricing Specialist
11) Product Development Specialist
12) Collections Specialist
13) Marketing Planning Specialist
14) Marketing follow-up specialist
15) Marketing references

Description & Advantages of the Program

This program comes to provide the student with specialized and diversified courses that keep pace with global developments in the field of logistics and supply chains.

This program is of great importance in light of the political and military problems that the world is currently facing, threatening shipping lines and global trade, and posing serious risks to the countries of the world, regardless of their geographical affiliations.

Job Opportunities

 The program also provides training opportunities for students during the study period, and job opportunities after graduation in the areas of:

  • Navigation, airports and ports
  • E-Marketing.
  • Customs clearance of warehouses and warehouses.
  • International post offices. ..etc

Description & Advantages of the Program

  • This program offers specialized courses in the fields of economics and political science in light of the college's commitment to providing the highest quality levels of academic education and interest in scientific research.
  •  The program aims to qualify the student to submit innovative studies and research, provide consultations with a view to serving the community, and present proposals to decision makers to solve economic problems.
  • The program also aims to provide the graduate with knowledge and skills that are commensurate with the needs of the labor market and make him able to compete locally, regionally and internationally.
Job Opportunities

 The graduate of the program works in the following areas:

  • An economic or political analyst in financial or press institutions and the stock market.
  • Credit Analyst in the Banking Industry.
  • Economic or political researcher in research centers.
  • Work in the diplomatic field

Scientific Departments

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  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial and Cost Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Tax Accounting

  • Management
  • Human Recourses Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Production and Operations Manage

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Management Information Systems.

  • Economics