Prof. Meawad Mohammed ElKholy

New Mansoura University aims to be a smart university that provides a world-class educational experience that will instill in its graduates the desire to be knowledgeable, skilled, and ambitious problem solvers with a desire to keep pace with the scientific and technological advances and can stay competitive in the regional and global labor market. It also aims to flourish the human values of respect to others and respect for the environment.

The University is committed to applying the latest learning and teaching strategies, making available human and material resources supported by administrative flexibility that are needed to develop and support the academic programs and research endeavors that promote both fundamental and applied research needed to achieve sustainable institutional growth and that address the needs of the society at large.

We strive to contribute to achieving sustainable development goals at the regional and global arenas so that our graduates could possess the know-how and are enabled to become leaders of the future, capable of making tangible and positive change for themselves and their communities and who know that staying competitive requires believing that learning is a life-long endeavor.

We, at New Mansoura University, are committed to the principles of treating every member of society with respect and dignity. The University prohibits bullying, harassment, and discrimination based on race, color, nationality, national origin, religion, gender, physical and mental disability, or medical condition. It has instituted the policy of equality and equal opportunity for all. As such, the University will always strive to promote the values that are fundamental to achieving the undeniable success we seek.

As a team, we, executive, academics, administrative and professional staff will hold these principles dear and will disseminate them to our students as they are the basis to forge partnerships with the community, industry, and businesses as well as stakeholders. It is these values that make us New Mansoura University the University of Today and Tomorrow.

It is this sense of purpose that we are all in the same boat together, the clarity of goals and the will to accomplish them are what allow New Mansoura University an academic flagship.

President of New Mansoura University

Prof. Meawad Mohammed ElKholy